FAQs of LABISTS 3D Printer ET4

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FAQs of LABISTS 3D Printer ET4

Read on to see if there's anything that is your concern.

Question 1: The printing process is skipped from 0% to 100% very quickly or in one blink, with the extruder completely out of command.
Answer: Format the SD card or change a more high-quality one.
A tip about the micro SD cards from Arthur Whittam
When doing a simple format, not all the data is removed. In mac OS or Windows, find the option that allow turning on....”see hidden files”. When you format, check the content of the card. There should be nothing to see.
If you have multi choice of format type...quick format and full wipe format....do NOT use quick format. Whatever the wording on your computer...you need a full format to remove all data. Any data left on the card...is what causes the problem and prevents a clean update.

Question 2: How to setup the printing settings for ET4 in Cura?
Answer: You can refer to this link:https://labists.com/pages/et4-slice for detailed instructions. 

Question 3: Just got the printer but i have no idea of how to assemble and level the printbed?
Answer: You can refer to this link: https://labists.com/pages/et4-installation-video for detailed instructions.

Question 4: The nozzle cannot be heated when starting printing or in the middle of the printing process or when pressing the "pre-heat' button the nozzle has no reactions.
Answer: This problem is usually caused by not tightening the cable tie with the wire harness well or the black ribbon cable wasn’t pushed all the way in. If this problem has happened, you should disassemble the extruder to check whether the heating tube (the line labeled "end") is burned or use a multimeter to check whether the resistance value of the heating tube is about 15Ω. And according to the result, you need to decide whether to buy a heating tube and remember to buckle the black ribbon cable all the way in.

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