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ET4 3D Printer, Auto Leveling 3D Printer DIY Kit


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  • Auto Leveling 3D Printer: High-precision leveling detector with matrix automatic leveling function frees you from bed leveling troubles. Finish data collection of 25 points within 5 minutes for automatic calibration.
  • Resume Print Function: LABISTS ET4 3D printer can resume printing from the last recorded extruder position after suffering unexpected power failure or PLA filament outage, saving time and avoiding waste.
  • Filament Detection Prompt: When the filament detector detects that PLA filament is broken or runs out, the system automatically pauses printing and prompts for feeding. One-button automatically feeds and unloads filament with a touch screen.
  • Fast Assembly: LABISTS ET4 3D printer comes with several assembled parts, install the bracket, the nozzle, connect few cables, only 3 steps to easily finish assembly for even beginners in just 5 minutes.
  • Widely Compatibility: LABISTS ET4 3D printer supports PLA, ABS and HIPS filament, compatible with Windows * Mac systems, also supports TF Card & USB cable connection.


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